Veterinary Diagnostics & Surgery Centre

Welcome to the Veterinary Diagnostics & Surgery Centre

Located on Governor Rd, Braeside, the VDSC was opened in late 2019 as an advanced vet surgery to serve the local community and provide a high standard of veterinary medicine and personalised care.

The VDSC was established by Dr Gemma and her husband Mike, to provide a new standard of surgical & diagnostic facilities to all our patients, and to look after patients referred from other vet clinics and mobile vet services.     

Ph. 0422 999 195


At the VDSC we offer vaccinations and health check ups: including ear & eye concerns, dental health, assessment of lumps and skin problems. We treat patients with ongoing complex medical conditions such as cardiac disease, diabetes, thyroid and other hormonal conditions, neurological or gastrointestinal problems.


At the VDSC, our experienced veterinary surgeons offer a complete range of surgical procedures from routine desexing to advanced orthopaedic repairs such as the TPLO procedure and luxating patella surgery.


Dental health is critical for the well being of your pet, and our surgical theatre is fully equipped to undertake both basic and complex dental surgery in the hands of our expert vets.


Modern digital radiography allows for an instant result and software based image enhancement.


Please ring us on 0422 999 195, or fill in the quick on line contact form and we'll get back to you.


19 / 310 Governor Rd, Braeside Victoria 3195

PHONE: 0422 999 195