X-rays can be used when your vet needs to take a closer look inside your pet. Our radiology suite is fully equipped with digital X-ray facilities, and the images can be further enhanced using our sophisticated software. This allows our vets to evaluate anything from bone fractures, tumours, heart abnormalities, intestinal obstructions to pregnancy!

A great example of modern diagnostic imaging is our system’s ability to accurately measure angles and distances for orthopaedic surgeries. This allows our vets to prepare in advance, selecting the correct plates and surgical pins for the procedure, and to pre-shape a specific angle in the implant before sterilisation, prior to surgery commencing.

Sometimes, depending on what is occurring with your pet, your vet may decide that an ultrasound will give us a better idea of what is occurring inside.  Ultrasounds use sound waves to provide a more detailed view of soft tissues such as the heart and abdominal organs which can be performed at VDSC when recommended.